Team Hui

How good are you at flying paper planes ?

  1. You have approx. 25 minutes at each station
  2. Record your activities with VINE and photos ( FLICK these to Jess)
  3. Any thoughts, ideas and resources please add to your group doc
  4. Play nicely!
  5. There will be a sharing time at the end

Group 1     Group 2      Group 3      Group 4

Challenge: Complete the task on slide 12 and if you are a Fast Finisher slide 13. Film your team succeeding in the challenge on Vine and then Flick your movies to Jess.

Stay tuned for the BelSouth Challenge movie!

Click on the Sprite to go to the Scratch page. Your Challenge is to Animate your name. Click on the Tutorial to the right of the page and follow the instructions. Once you have done that post your animated name on your Group Doc.
If you are familiar with SCRATCH you might want to try Tynker instead.

Resources -
To get started - follow instructions 
Makey Makey activities

1. Cut around the dotted lines and fold up the battery holder.
2. Cut strips of copper tape to cover the lines, make sure here are no gaps between the pieces of tape.
3. The the LEDs and mark the longer leg with a felt - this is the positive
4. Bend the legs of the LEDs so they are now doing the splits. We want these to lie flat on the paper
5. Place the LEDs on the paper according to the + and - signs and tape down
6. Battery - Place the negative side down, fold over the positive tab and press down. The LEDs        should now light up.
7. Fold the top paper over, make holes where the dots are and then decorate.

Pauline H, Nina, Allanah, Margot

Bee Bot activities
  • Programme your Bee Bot to go through the obstacle course
  • Plan and programme a synchronised dance with the 3 Bee Bots to music of your choice
  • Use the Bee Bot app . Start at level 8

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